Friday, January 07, 2005

my beloved

work ended early today, and we watched two movies in the mess... was enjoyable. As i was watchin e show, sometimes the thought did come that i was flying on monday, and should be working. But i realised that sometimes we gotta stick to our decisions. If we decide to relax and have fun, then dont have two minds about it. There's no point really of worrying when it achieves nothin at all...

Another thing i realized was that there was this guy. Amidst all the gunfire and deaths around him, he jus walked like he didnt care. And nothing touched him even as those around him fell.. Reminds me of us and God. If we just trust God, no evil will come near us.

As for the comments to the previous post, would appreciate if you would leave your name so i could write back if needed. i received e comments on my email but for some reason didnt reflect in the blog... Again, to clarify, and i am not confused, there are two types of carefree attitudes. One is to be totally irresponsible, e other is to be fearless of the future and outcome. So we work in whatever way we know how, and trust Him that the outcome is good....

So excited about my new niece! Just feels like someone more to love. Heard she is really cute. Hope i recieve her photo soon... To my sis, rest well.. nothing takes away the fact that He has demonstrated His love for us thru the cross... To mum, thanks for the encouragement in the posting you signed off... And dad, thanks for the concern and counsel. To my brothers and sisters in Christ, thank you for being who you are to me. Hey andrei, yes, psalm 37 speaks so directly!

well, i gonna sleep soon... funny how we start prioritizing our time when we run short of it. And one starts to realize the things important to him or her. For me, my family, loved ones and my Saviour and God.


Anonymous said...

Hi Linc,
Maybe it is better to address you such else you feel awkward. Or do you preferred to be called 'boy' as usual.
Will be going to see che tomorrow. Hope I can remember to bring my camera along and snap some photos for you. It is a pity you missed her by one day.
Take care and all the best.


LincolnJoshua said...

Hey mum, you can always call me boy...

Your boy,