Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Someone taught me about love quite some time back. For sensitivity reasons, i decided not to put his/her name here. But don't speculate ok.

Yes yes, love is exactly like what the Bible says about it in 1 Cor 13. But this person summed it up to me in one word. Sacrifice. Said that when you love someone, you would sacrifice for that someone. And i asked, whether it was possible to love someone too much that it hurt the other person?

No, was the answer. Cos when that happens, in actual fact, you have already loved yourself more than that someone. Sometimes loving involves letting go of the person too. It all depends on the time and circumstances i guess. As i was told these things, i felt the Spirit raise up inside of me and say "There's no greater love than this, that a man would give up His life..."

Well this was actually sometime back. But for some reason i keep meeting situations in my life that remind me of that conversation and the truths in it.

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