Friday, September 02, 2005


The love of God is amazing. It is bursting forth from within me. Funny how life is.. when we become still and believe God, we get in a cycle that keeps on getting more and more amazing. But when we lose our focus and start looking to ourselves, we get trapped into a vicious cycle of works and maybe even depression. But i am convinced that God turns around even this into good for His works. In other words, as a Christian, i cant lose!

I guess God has spoken to me about having a thankful attitude, but the book i am reading by Joyce Meyer jus confirmed everything and made it straight forward for me. Having a a thankful attitude is different from thanking to get our blessings. A thankful attitude gives thanks continuously for what He has already done. For who He is, and who He has made me in His grace. I am who i am by His grace. And we thank God because He hears us. And when He hears us, He grants our requests. It is all done!

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