Saturday, June 03, 2006

They fled in their pride.

In Isa 43:14, where God says He took down the men of Babylon in their ships, in the NLV, it actually says He caused them to flee in their ships in which were their pride.

All over the Bible, events and prophecies in the old testament keep on repeating in the new, and in times present. And they will continue to repeat like a mirror image of events past until the 2nd coming of the Lord Jesus. I mentioned this cos i know that in the Iraq war, when the US began Desert Storm, the Iraqis were so deperate to save their air force that they fled by flying bee lines to their former arch enemies, Iran.

To me, their combat aircrafts they fled in were the pride of their air force. Remem that in a sense, aircrafts are still ships. And if i was living in a time when airplanes were not present, i would describe planes in the future as ships too... so there...

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