Monday, August 29, 2005

i am healED

haiz.. fell sick on sunday and it followed thru til today, climaxing with a stomachache so bad i instinctively called out to Jesus. Decided not to go to work, but tmr will prove to be a really busy day. Still pondering how to get into the base from the entrance..

Jus so pissed at falling sick... really hate these lies of the devil. I AM HEALED! SICKNESS AND PAIN HAS PASSED AWAY! i AM THE LORD'S REDEEMED!

anyway, i'm gonna believe that i will wake up tmr morning feeling refreshed and good. And the first day in my new squadron will be a blessed one! The beginning of this new course signifies more hard work again. But i pray that my work will be commited to Him and His grace will abound in me. Hmmm... helicopters are flying past my home as i type this.. haha..

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