Sunday, October 31, 2004

First Blog

Hmm.. really jus tryin this to see if it works.. whether i can sustain it... been in australia for 6 days now.. been confined 2 wkends minimum.. haha.. a standard thing here...
The pace here is pretty hard, quite stressful so early of my stay here. Thinkin forward, 10 months seem a long time. and these 10 months would really be one of the turning points of my life. It plays a huge part and determines if my childhood dream comes true..
I love flying. Hate its stresses and secondary duties though. But i just feel that this is a great opportunity to get closer to my Saviour, Jesus. He is madly in love with me, and when i lose belief in Him, i lose myself. It is His goodness that keeps me hopeful, thru my weaknesses. He is my strength, and i WILL be strong and courageous, and i WILL claim my Promised Land. This Land He has given unto my hands. Jus wanna rest in Him.
1230 now.. i'm gonna sleep.. gotta prepare for 6 quizes nxt wk. Plus my first training session on the followin.. Lord, prepare me.

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